Thursday, December 5, 2013

Off Track

I'm off track.

Have you ever felt the same?

Just feeling like you're not yourself.

Knowing that you're acting like someone you're not.

Doing things that make others happy, but make you miserable.

Well, that's me.

I'm off track.

I've been too wrapped up with doing things for others for all the wrong reasons.

Although I regularly serve in two ministries, attend church on Sundays, and am involved in two bible studies each week, doesn't make me closer to God.

It also doesn't give me the peace that I need.

It just makes me tired!

One of the ladies in my bible studies said the other day, "You can sit in a garage all day, but that doesn't make you a car".

When she said that, I almost spit out the coffee that I was sipping through my nostrils.

That statement was hilarious!

But so very true.

I can exhaust my daily schedule by filling it up with various ministries and bible studies, or I can spend personal quality time with the Lord each day studying His word and in deep prayer.

I think by dedicating time each day to the Lord...

By cutting out ministries that are weighing me down...

Focusing on one bible study instead of many…

And through fellowship with other believers, I can get back on track.

A song that I just love and have been hearing on the radio lately reminds me of my focus.

My redeemer,

My Savior,

And My purpose.

If you've been feeling like me, where your days are without peace.

I pray that you listen to this song and also find your focus, and that the Holy Spirit will comfort you with His peace as you seek him daily.

Love in Christ,
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