Friday, June 17, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday!

My boy had his 2nd birthday last week and was oh soooo cute!  Little did we know that he was suffering from walking pneumonia.  We celebrated his birthday with a cake and candle, then drove to the Outer Banks for a fun weekend on the beach.  After a high fever, vomiting and a rough night's sleep, we cut out stay short and drove back home.  We were able to control the fever with meds, baths and Pedialyte, but the coughing was getting worse.  The doctor diagnosed with walking pneumonia and we were well on our way to a full recovery with the help of the z pack.  Because we had to cut our trip short, we now have a beach house booked to enjoy for a full week.  Yippeeee!  This was my first birthday cake attempt.  It was chocolate with buttercream frosting.  I definitely need more practice with the lettering.

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