Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hello 2014

Welcome New Year….welcome!

I'm so excited for another year and am thankful that everyone in my family is relatively healthy.

We kicked off our new year with family in town visiting for a WHOLE WEEK...

… and loved every single minute of a super noisy, cluttered, and chaotic house.

Since my son is the only child, having his cousins in town for seven days was just heavenly.

Not only for him, but for me & my husband.

It was joyful.

Here's a photo of everyone gathered around our tree.

My mom brought my nieces and nephew down from Dallas to spend the remainder of their holiday break with us in San Antonio.

Such a blessed time getting to know each of my sister's children.

I've lived away since they were all born and flown home for visits once or twice each year, but my occasional visits didn't allow for deep and meaningful relationship building.

This whole week with my family really helped me get to know each of them and truly love and appreciate the beautiful people they're growing up to be.

I hope for more of these opportunities in this new year.  Happy 2014!

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