Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thank You

Although my son and I are still on vacation waiting for our home that will be ready in five days (YIPPEEE! *doing the happy dance*), my husband has been working full-time at his new job in the Army.

Yesterday dressed in his green military ACU's (Army Combat Uniform), he left bright and early for the airport to make a couple quick meetings in Oklahoma and Missouri.

Of course, I worry about his trips.

I'm just a worrier.

I'm still working on that.

Well, right before sitting down to eat lunch, I get this text from him:

Hey babe,
Just wanted to let you know.  It's been a great first trip.  Somebody bought my coffee and water. Then somebody paid an upgrade for me so that I could ride 1st class.  Thinking of you.  There are a lots of patriots out there.  I l u!

I turned into a blubbering mess after reading this!

My little boy kept saying "it's okay mommy, it's okay mommy".

He has such a kind heart.

I love him.

Praise God for blessing people so they could bless my husband.

It's so wonderful to know that there are such wonderful patriots out there who are appreciative of those who serve.

Serve to protect this nation so that we can live free.

Whether it's buying a Soldier a cup of coffee or even just verbally telling them "Thank you for your service", every little bit means so much.

Not only to the Soldier, but to their families as well.

Thank you!

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  1. Hey girl! We have seen a lot of people showing their appreciation to military personnel in airports this week. We are in India right now. Sandy Carroll is here too.

    We have been so blessed by our time here and I cannot wait to share what we have been doing with you. It has been life changing.

    I pray you are well and am soooo excited your family is finally getting a home. You deserve it!

    I love you and look forward to talking with you soon!!

    Blessings, girl!



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