Monday, April 23, 2012

Scott Kennedy

Recently Dan & I were blessed with the opportunity to see Scott Kennedy perform live at the Funny Bone in Virginia Beach.  We had such a great time!  This comic was pretty stinkin' funny.  I laughed so hard my belly hurt.

Laughter sure does lighten the load.  I think everyone needs a night like this.

We were even able to meet Scott before he went on stage which was pretty cool.  My friend, Theresa, had introduced us.  She had befriended him while she was on duty in Iraq and he was there entertaining the troops.  He's pretty incredible!  Not because he's hilarious, but because he has a HUGE heart and love for our military.  In fact, he's been to Iraq 43 times and Afghanistan 11 entertaining our soldiers on the front lines.  Theresa tells me that Scott doesn't just go to the "safe" bases in these war zones, he travels to the forward operating bases (FOBS) where most celebrities wouldn't dare attempt to travel.  He's even taken a bullet during one of these trips, but he keeps on going back.

When I think of Scott Kennedy, I think....







Incredible Human

I've met and worked with many celebrities throughout my years of working in corporate america, but this guy sure is different to say the least.  There are not many like him out there and I'm thankful for his passionate and selfless heart for serving our country.  He's using his special gift of entertaining to give our soldiers a night like we had experienced.  Lightening their loads.  Giving them a reason to laugh so hard their bellies hurt, and meeting them where they are.....on the front lines.

I'm truly humbled.

After the show, we had to rush back home to relieve our babysitter.  Unfortunately, we missed catching up with Scott.  Theresa had told us that he came out looking for Dan to give him a special gift.


Scott gave this to Theresa to give to Dan for him.

It's a coin that means something to military folks.

When Dan saw this he was beyond words.  I could see in his eyes that this meant something to him.  It touched a nerve.  It was special.

Thank you Scott Kennedy.  As a military spouse, I will forever be thankful!

Here's a photo of Dan & I with our friends, Theresa and Barb, at the Comedy Club.

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  1. Judith- this is awesome. So glad "ya'all" had a great time. Scott is truly a great American. You 2 are great friends so is little Luke. T/B


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