Thursday, July 12, 2012

Where's the Food?

Since we're in limbo living in a hotel room and waiting to move into our on-post home, I haven't posted many of my recent food creations.

Nothing too exciting going on in my mini hotel kitchen these days.

In fact, we eat out often. 

We can't help it.  

The food in Texas is just innnnn....credible!

Yummy - yummy - yummy - yummy!

Not good for our waistlines though.

Usually after a one week max vacation, I come back with an additional two to five pounds on my body.

Well, our vacation / move to Texas has lasted for nine weeks now.   

If you do the math, I have a lot of pounds to peel off when we finally put an end to this vacation and move into our home.  

Two more weeks to go and we'll be moving into our new place.

Until then, we're enjoying the fresh towels and linens every day, an amazing roof-top pool, morning breakfast buffets, and weekday beer & wine socials.

Here are some photos that my husband & I snapped while having dinner outside at the Republic of Texas Restaurant on San Antonio's Riverwalk.

We highly recommend this place.

Plus, sitting outside on the Riverwalk while the boats filled with tourists cruise by, ducks and birds hang out at your feet waiting for crumbs to drop from the table, and the sounds of mariachi bands perform at various nearby restaurants is pretty stinkin' awesome!

Dan deciding on dinner.  He had the Bison Burger cooked medium rare.  It was terrific!

Yup, my face is getting chubby.

Lots of fish and ducks in the river.

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