Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Spotted Feet

With the start of school today, I just realized that Summer 2013 is officially over.

My son is now two inches taller with spotted feet from wearing his water sandals often,

I'm about 5-10 pounds heavier (give or take a few), from indulging on pizza, burgers and hot dogs.  Ugh!

And my husband, well ... for some reason he just keeps getting thinner.  Lucky him!

Anyway, I didn't think that the end of summer would hit me as hard as it has.

I mean, it's been one super busy summer and I've been looking forward to the day when I would be able to fall back into a daily routine each week...

Have a few hours each day to myself,

And focus on writing in my blog once again.

But as I sit here in the quiet of my kitchen typing my thoughts, I have such mixed emotions.

I truly loved these past few months of summer regardless of it being the hottest months of the year in San Antonio.

And regardless of being consistently super busy and over-scheduled.

I'll always think of my Summer 2013 as pretty darn fabulous.

I snapped a photo of my son's spotted feet yesterday while he was running around the house.

Of all the pictures I took this summer, this one is hands-down my favorite!  (blurry and all)

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