Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Best Chocolate Ever

At the Taco Build-Up dinner party last week, one of the ladies brought an "interactive" dessert.

At first, I started guessing.  Banana splits?  Smores?

But as she began pulling out the items from her brown paper bag, I went blank ...

Then I found out that we were making chocolate ... and got a little worried.

Isn't chocolate pretty delicate to make?

Isn't it complicated?

And doesn't it take forever?

I remember reading something once about using a double boiler and candy thermometer.


The lady who signed up for dessert didn't eat sugar because of a Candida diagnosis long ago.

So she brought her favorite chocolate recipe that everyone can enjoy regardless of diet restrictions.

She's a genius by the way because it was FABULOUS!

Here's her recipe.....

Since chocolate is 50% fat, everything is a one-to-one ratio.

One-to-One Ratio = 1 Tbsp Raw Cacao Powder + 1 Tbsp Fat of Choice + 1 Tbsp Sweetener

Here's what I made ...  I chose coconut oil and honey.

That's not it folks!

Then, she had another table with these toppings... Oh My Heavens!!

Here's my bowl...

Guys, this was I.N.C.R.E.D.I.B.L.E!!!!!!!

It's the best chocolate I have ever had tasted!

Not only is this heavenly, it's also jam-packed with good vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and protein.  Definitely making this recipe "The Best Chocolate Ever"!

I recreated this dessert for my husband who's a serious chocoholic.

Here's my spread...

And here are the steps...

1.  1 Tbsp of Raw Cacao Powder
2.  1 Tbsp Coconut Oil
3.  1 Tbsp Agave

4.  Handful of Sliced Raw Almonds
5.  Mix well
6.  Yummy bite!

This has since been our favorite dessert and we've had it every night since I brought this recipe home.

In fact, we sometimes have it for lunch too.  (Goes great with bananas.)

If you're a chocolate lover, you're going to want to try this amazing recipe.  It only takes about a minute to make.

Forget those double boilers, candy thermometers, and chocolate bars.  This is the real deal!


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