Tuesday, November 11, 2014

DIY Spray Painted T-shirts

Ever since my son watched Spiderman 3, he's been obsessed with the villain...Venom.

So when I was cleaning his closet last week and discovered a black shirt hanging in his closet with oil stains on the front, I had an idea...


So, I researched venom logos and drove to the craft store to figure out how to put the white logo on a black shirt.

THREE hours later, I left with Tulip fabric spray paint, Elmers spray adhesive, masking tape, and a black t-shirt.

I picked up a black tee as backup in case I mess up with the first shirt.

Here's how my first shirt turned out...

It came out great and my son LOVED it!

So, thought I'd detail the process with the back-up t-shirt.

1.  Print the image in the exact size that you'd like on the t-shirt.  Nothing fancy.

2.  Place image on a cutting board.  Cut out the image with a blade.  An x acto knife would have been much easier than the box cutter, but I couldn't find my x acto knife, so this had to do.

Remove the image.  Now you have a stencil.  Woo Hoo!!!

3.  Prepare the t-shirt by putting something inside that's flat.  Also in case the paint seeps through the shirt, it doesn't bleed through on the other side.  Here I used an old Disney book.

4.  Take the stencil, turn it over and spray with the spray adhesive.  Let sit for 2-3 mins.

5.  Center the stencil on the t-shirt and make sure it's flat on the shirt.  Straighten out any bumps and make sure the outline and edges are glued down.

6.  Take large pieces of paper and masking tape and cover the shirt around the stencil.  This protects the shirt from any paint splatters and such.  Here I used newspaper.

Spray generously.

Here's the paint I used.

7.  Let sit for 30 mins.  Then quickly peel the paper off the shirt.  The paint will still be wet, but if you rip quickly it won't smear.

I let this dry overnight...


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