Saturday, April 14, 2012


Today was such a beautiful day.  My heart is filled with joy and my face is all smiles.  Not because the weather was perfect or that the toddler was in a great mood. This was a beautiful day because I was able to spend some time with my new friend, Cathy.

She glows.  Her happiness and love for the Lord shines bright.  You can't help but notice.  

I'm inspired.

I love our newfound friendship.  There's no pretense.  No competition.  No expectations.  No judgements.  No gossip.

Not easy to find.

It's hard to establish solid friendships in this military lifestyle.  People come and go often because of frequent moves and connecting with others is difficult.

So when I meet people like my new friend Cathy, it's very exciting.

(By the way, if there are crazy dating ads on this page, it was not my intention.  I didn't put them there.  For some reason the content on this page leads Google to place those type of ads.  They change out often.)

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