Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Hello Allergies!

Allergies - Allergies - Allergies!!

Who has Allergies?!


Christmas morning

Since our little man was born, we suspected that he had inherited my allergies to everything.

From dogs to cats to trees to grass to weeds to dust to pollen to ...

You name it, I'm allergic to it.

AND........ so is he :(

Unfortunately, the Allergist confirmed his allergies with a painfully terrible and super-itchy allergy test for a little toddler.
Allergy test
I snapped this photo at the start of our 15 minute (no scratching) wait.  

Poor little guy!

He was a trooper though.  

Such a great kid.

As you can see, some of the pricks were quickly turning into big hives.  Others took a little time to get there, but they all puffed up pretty big.

The doctor tested for 18 types of allergies, and he was allergic to every single one.

Apparently it's unusual for someone his age to test positive for all 18, but when he turns five in June 2015 we can test for more allergies and begin allergy shot treatment in hopes to alleviate some of his allergies by age 10.

I'm thankful for answers from our most amazing Allergist.

And I'm hopeful that his allergies will some day be less severe.

Here's to less sneezing, dry noses, and more restful sleeps!!

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