Thursday, October 16, 2014

Just Food

Trying to figure out what to write about after a six month hiatus, and all I can think of is food ...

Just food.

Maybe it's because I'm hungry...

Maybe I just always have food on the brain...

Or maybe I don't want to dive into anything too heavy after being away for some time.

Nevertheless, I searched my phone to see what I had snapped the past six months.

This is what I found...

This photo is my Hatch Chili Burrito taken at Shady Grove in Austin, TX during hatch chili season.

I highly recommend visiting Austin during the hatch chili season (Aug - Sept) if you like spicy.  The town goes crazy over these spicy big peppers.

Amazing food to be had here.

This was my husband's amazing Hatch Chili Chicken Fried Steak.

Incredible - incredible - incredible!

Or as he described, "this was KICK-HATCH!".

(he's silly)

This next picture is my go-to-dish for my meal deliveries.

I made this for a sweet friend who just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

This Chicken Pasta dish is super easy, inexpensive, feeds many, and always a big hit.

Moving on...

Looking at this photo just breaks my heart!

I snapped this picture on a dessert and coffee date with my husband at one of our favorite places in San Antonio, Bakery Lorraine.

Their regular coffee never disappoints and neither does their pain au chocolat.

However on this day... disappointment.

Not the quality.

Oh, never the quality.

.... just the quantity.

I don't need that much cream.  In fact I don't need cream at all.


Speaking of creme...

Krispy Kreme gave away free donuts to pirates one day.

Look at those adorable pirates!

See this large plate of caramel-ly goodness?

Our neighbor's aunt visiting from Mexico delivered this gem to us one night.

A whole big plateful of flan.

Holy cow!

For just the two of us?!?!

I think I put on 5 lbs just snacking on this bad boy all week.  Eeeek!

This is a photo of my plate at the Auslander Restaurant and Biergarten in Fredricksburg, TX.

It was a Chickenschnitzel with hot German potato salad and potato pancakes.

Honestly, not my fav.

German food doesn't really appeal to me, but my husband keeps trying to convince me otherwise.

He loves it and hopes to move back to Germany one day.

Oh Lord.... help Me!

And finally, I saved the best for last...

Roasted Kale Chips!!

Woo Hoo.....Kale Chips!!

My favorite evening snack.

Simple recipe:  fresh kale de-stemed, coated in olive oil, roasted in the oven at 300 degrees for 30-45 mins until crispy.


Thanks for reading :)

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