Thursday, December 18, 2014

Preschool Gifts

This year...

Christmas snuck up on me!

Oh....did it sneak up on me!!

I've been super busy with all of my volunteer projects that Christmas presents just fell by the wayside.

Presents for my family.

Presents for my friends...

and presents for my son's classmates!!

While I overlooked my son's classmates, I organized a group gift card from all the parents for his teachers.

That counts a little, doesn't it?

(No.... NO it doesn't!!)

Oh... his presents for his classmates!

How did I miss the boat?


I look forward to making these presents each year.

Last year, I spent weeks on these birdseed gingerbread shaped ornaments for all 20 of his classmates.

These were messy, super time consuming, but lots of fun.

This year...

Feeling like a failure of a mom, I dug around in my craft box looking for some ideas the morning of his Holiday party.

I found some acorn jingle bells I bought in the Fall, some leftover precut cards, and some holiday stamps...

oh, and a little ribbon and...

a little five-year old with a marker...


The final product....all in less than ONE HOUR!!

Thank goodness for my hoarding ways.

Next on the list, presents for the family :)

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