Sunday, September 23, 2012


It's Fall in Texas Ya'll!

I decided to do something fun and take my little man to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens to see the Dinosaur exhibit.

Here are a few snapshots of the day.
The little guy was so excited about seeing dinosaurs around the gardens.  He had his map and was on a mission to find them all.

Brides everywhere!  There were brides all over the gardens.  When we'd run into one, the toddler would scream......"Look Mom, it's a bootiful princess!".

Also, there were photographers everywhere.  They were shooting landscapes, flowers, and families.

After we found all the dinosaurs there were to find, the little guy enjoyed playing in the gardens.

He had a great time!

We ended our visit with lunch at the Garden's Bistro.

My plate was incredible.

It was a delicious crepe filled with grilled chicken, brie, and spinach.  Nom - Nom - Nom!
It was a great morning with my little man celebrating the start of my most favorite time of year in Texas........ Autumn.

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