Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Broccoli & Cheddar Soup

During the past couple of weeks, my husband and I have been indulging at our local Panera Bread for coffees and lunch.

We enjoy that place.

The atmosphere is cozy.

The people are relaxed.

And the food is just terrific.

I also love to sit and watch all of the business meetings taking place during lunch time.

Their conversations are interesting.  

Oh yeah, I listen.

I know it's terrible and my husband is just appalled, but I find them entertaining.

The sales pitches.  The interviews.  The contractors.  The book clubs.

It's all very interesting to me.

I figure that if their conversations are private, they wouldn't have them in a public restaurant.


I love Panera's broccoli and cheddar soup.

I found a recipe that resembles the one that I've been noshing on these past couple of weeks.

Except, skip the bread bowl.  

Eat more soup!
Here's the link to the recipe:  click here.

*UPDATE*:  I don't puree my soups because I love to chew on all the veggies, but if you're a puree-er go for it.


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