Thursday, October 11, 2012

Steak & Whiskey

The day after my husband arrived, we were blessed with a date night opportunity.  Parents Night Out at our church.


Finally, just the two of us.

Finishing our sentences without toddler interruptions.

Enjoying our meal, taking our time, and tasting our food.

We took these "date nights" for granted before having our little one.

Lemme tell ya, we certainly cherish them now.

The restaurant we visited was a little teeny-tiny place in downtown San Antonio named Josephine St.  They have these big neon signs on their windows that read "Steak & Whiskey".

Two of my husband's favorite things.

Here's a photo of my husband enjoying a glass of whiskey right before his yummy steak arrived.

Here's a photo of me with a glass of their homemade sangria.  It was quite tasty :)

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