Thursday, May 10, 2012

Farewell Luncheon

Yesterday I attended a "hail & farewell" luncheon with my husband's unit.  It was my first in all four years and eleven months of living here and it was such a nice time.

Hail & Farewells are traditional military events where those coming and departing from the unit are recognized and celebrated.  Since military folks are ordered to move often, they have these events almost every other month or so.

I never thought a farewell day would come for my husband because we've lived here for so long (4 yrs and 11 months is a long time in the Army).

Unfortunately, yesterday was the day.

The luncheon was beautiful though.

His Commander said some wonderful things about him and presented him with this amazing medal (Meritorious Service Medal).  I've learned that these awards/medals are a pretty big deal in the military.

I'm so proud of my husband!

Also, his department or in military speak...'detachment', presented him with this super-duper-uber-cool drum clock.  His boss made this and got everyone to sign it.  Very thoughtful and creatively amazing!!  I can't wait to hang it up in our new place.

Also, his dear friend, Sarah, said some wonderful things that truly touched him (and me).  She presented him with a generous gift for our family.... and that's when I lost it.

Ugh!  The tears!

I - hate - farewells.

Here's a photo I snapped on my camera phone of my husband giving his farewell speech, proudly wearing his medal, and holding our little boy.

We'll miss you Virginia!  *(sniff, sniff)*

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