Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Road Trippin'

1610 Miles.

168 Hours.

7 Days.

7 Hotels.

5 States.

2 Cars.

1 Virus.

Here's my photo journal of our journey from Virginia to Texas.
These were taken leaving Virginia and approaching the Appalachian Mountains.  The rear view photo was my view of my husband's car throughout our journey.

Approaching the Tennessee mountains.  This stretch was the scariest for me.  The twists and turns on the mountains were pretty treacherous, and the torrential thunderstorms made visibility difficult.

I think I was finally taking deep breaths and Thanking God at the time I snapped this photo.  We made it through safely and were approaching Nashville.

While in Nashville, we saw this interesting restaurant serving "camp-style cuisine" with a large moose statue outside.  We were intrigued.

To my surprise, these were inside!



I hate taxidermy!

I wasn't hungry anymore.

My husband taking a photo of his Elk Burgers.  Apparently they were delicious.

These fried green tomatoes were alright, but I don't think I'll be back.  The stuffed animals were just too much for me!

In other news....

While in Nashville, we spent some time exploring the Grand Ole Opry...

The Opryland Hotel ...

Opry Mills ...

We ate at the Aquarium and LOVED it!  Our little guy loved the fish tanks filled with sting rays, sharks, eels, etc.  The tank kept him busy so we were able to relax a bit and enjoy our amazing lunch.

I had the most delicious Thai Shrimp Salad.  It sure was Yummmmmmy!

Shortly after our tour of Nashville, my husband felt very ill and spent the remainder of our time in Tennessee in bed.

He championed through a 3.5 hour drive to Memphis, but curled up in bed until the virus passed.

While he slept, I spent time visiting with my former co-worker and good friend from Memphis, Toni.

I've missed her.  It's been way too long.

Stopped by her office.

Spent quality time over some incredible Memphis BBQ.

By the way, I ate everything in the photo which included, wet & dry ribs, baked beans, cole slaw, and a side of spaghetti.  It was ALL fantastic!

I love how the BBQ restaurants in Memphis offer a side of spaghetti.  I brought a serving back to the hotel for my sick husband and he scarfed it down saying it was "dynamite!".  I don't know what was in the sauce, but it certainly was incredible.

Here's a photo of us after dinner.  Isn't Toni pretty?  Hasn't aged one bit in all 12 years I've known her.

Oh wait, I also had dessert.  Here's the lemon ice box pie that I devoured.  It tasted like a key lime pie (my favorite), but soooooo much better!

Thankfully, my husband kicked the virus and we were back on the road.  Here's a photo of the terrible traffic we ran into in Arkansas along with my dirty dirty dirty windshield.

The toddler was getting a little nutty, so we stopped along the route for lunch at Cracker Barrel.

After enduring the traffic, bumpy roads, and a restless toddler in Arkansas, we finally made it ...... to TEXAS!


We stopped by my parents house for lunch where our son played with their little parakeet, Spud.  It was a great visit.  We all loaded up on my mom's cooking which was spectacular.....as usual.  She's the best cook ever!

Since the temperature was well over 90 degrees, we hydrated with Blue Coconut Slushes Slushes from Sonic.  These are awesome!

We also stopped to take this photo for my father-in-law.  My husband thought his Dad would like this since he is a fan of Cabela's.

Our journey was long, but we made it!

Praise GOD.....we made it!

It is so great to be back in the Lone Star State.  I sure have missed you!!

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