Thursday, March 22, 2012

Camera Bag

I love taking pictures.  I take them every day.  Capturing moments inspires me.

Two Christmases ago, my husband surprised me with a beautiful Nikon D5000.  Although I had been happy snapping photos with the little pocket-sized Canon PowerShot SD600 that my sister bought me several years before, I had drooled over the Nikon for some time.

My husband loves me.

To hold my new camera, I bought a simple Nikon camera bag and toted it almost everywhere since.  UNTIL.... I brought my camera to my mom's group meeting and another mom, who is a professional photographer by the way, saw my little bag.

Of course I had several questions about photography for her, but one thing she kindly recommended was a new camera bag.  Okay, she didn't tell me I needed a new camera bag, but she did tell me about her bag which had me curious.  So I googled it and did a little research...

Ummmm......Hello!  Why have I been carrying a "man" bag this whole time?!  

There are camera bags for ladies out there people and I desperately needed one!

Isn't she beautiful?  She arrived on Monday and I couldn't be more thrilled and thankful for the recommendation.  This bag is so much more girly.  All I need it a beautiful mani & pedi to match.

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