Friday, March 9, 2012

Installation Living

It's been four months since we moved into an exclusive gated community surrounded by armed guards and heightened security.  Although it may sound like a federal prison, it's quite the opposite.  Our place, a military installation, is easy to leave, but not as easy to get inside.

Living on a military installation so far has been a great experience.  Maybe we have our rose colored glasses on, but in my opinion it certainly beats living outside the gates.

Everything we need is right here.  Walking distance to almost everything to include: commissary/grocery store; shopping mall with food court;  post office;  liquor store/convenience store;  fast food restaurants;  library;  church;  playgrounds;  medical clinic;  vet clinic;  fitness center;  banks;  schools;  day care centers;  gas station; and so much more.

Walking is something people do in this community.  It's relatively safe and secure, hence the armed guards at the gates.

Kids play outside in the streets and playgrounds all the time which is so refreshing.  Reminds me of the type of community I grew up in way back when before safety became a big concern and video games sucked everyone inside.

While convenience and safety are a plus for installation living, we are most thankful for being surrounded by people who share in the hardship of this military lifestyle and truly understand self-sacrifice in service to our nation.  It makes a HUGE difference!

Military life sure isn't easy.  It's filled with uncertainty, separation, inconsistency, and instability.  Fortunately, our gated community simplifies our life a little and sure makes it more bearable.

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