Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Parent's Night Out

Earlier today I was reminiscing over the past month while thumbing through my gallery of photos stored in my phone.

There's something about pictures that really warms the spirit.  

I stumbled across a couple pictures that made my heart jump for joy.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing and I wanted to go back to that exact day and time so I could relive the experience all over again.

Here are the photos I found:

Taken a couple minutes after receiving the sushi boat.  
Several yummy pieces already missing.....hee!hee!

Not one piece was spared!

Yum - Yum - Yum!  These were taken at our favorite sushi restaurant on our date night in February.  We only make it out one night a month, so I know the exact date this was taken.... Feb 4th.  The Child Development Center on our military installation hosts Parent's Night Out one night each month (1st Saturday of each month), which allows parents to go out in the evening while they watch the kids.  Let me tell you, Parent's Night Out has been a God-send!  Military families endure many hardships, but thank goodness for programs like this that provide support.  They don't replace the real deal like trusting relatives who can babysit often, but at least it's something and it works for us.

Obviously, we indulge on our night's out, but who cares.  Without a screaming toddler sitting at the table, we get to take our time and savor ever minute of our time together and every morsel on our plates.

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