Saturday, March 3, 2012

Commissary Shopping

Yesterday I learned my third lesson in commissary (grocery store on a military base) shopping to add to my lessons learned list.

1.  Do not go the day BEFORE pay day
2.  Do not go the day OF pay day
3.  Do not go the day AFTER pay day

Holy cow!  These are the most busy times to attempt to shop for groceries.  There was a sprinkle of both active duty folks, their families, and retirees.  Not sure when the retirees get their pension checks, but it seems to coincide with the active duty folks.  The crowd was unreal!  When I had asked the store clerk what was going on, she looked at me with a terrible scowl and growled, "pay day".  After shopping at the same commissary for four and a half years, this was my first and last visit on the day after pay day.  Good grievances!

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