Thursday, March 8, 2012

Veggie Sausages

Often times I lose track of time and dinner sneaks up on me.  By the time I look at the clock, my husband is ten steps away from walking in the door and my son is banging on the pantry closet for snacks and juice boxes.

Unfortunately, this evening was one of those times.  

It was a busy day.

I had no idea what to feed the family. 

This is what I threw together.  No time to take a photo of the finished plate because we were scarfing down our food and rushing out the door to make a seminar.  

Honestly when my husband bought these sausages at the commissary, I had already decided that they would be terrible.  I mean, veggie sausages?  What?!

Happy to write that these were quite tasty paired with a warm bowl of white rice.  I suspect that the idea of these sausages doesn't really appeal to most folks, but I say.... just give them a try.  They're fantastic! 

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