Friday, March 2, 2012

It's a Tea Party!

It's so much fun being girly!  Today, my mom's group had a lovely Tea & Testimonies meeting where we sipped hot tea and noshed on some tasty treats.  Also, a couple amazing moms shared their testimonies on how God has changed their lives. I have to say, I absolutely loved every minute of this tea party.  As a Christian, I can completely identify with their stories as I have a testimony of my own.  In my case, it was a long road filled with peaks and valleys, but it was a very deep valleys that made all of the difference.  I know most Christians have a testimony and I love hearing them all.  I become a blubbering weepy mess every single time I hear them.

Okay, now about the beautiful tea party.  It was fabulous.  Each of us brought tasty treats to share.  I  filled my 3-tier stand with scones from a local grocery store, fruit, and almond biscotti.  The recipe I used to make biscotti was one I discovered a few years ago on  It's an amazing little italian cookie that goes so well with tea (or coffee).  If you'd like the recipe, click here.

Here are some photos I shot from the lovely tea party.
The china was stunning
Every girl needs this tea set
My scone, fruit, and biscotti display
Love My Lady Grey

My plate of goodies to include one monster strawberry!

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